The Whiteley Kung Fu Institute of Martial Arts established in 1989 is one of the longest running Martial arts schools in Chorley and the North West and was founded by Sifu Steve Whiteley.  Steve was born in Chorley, Lancashire, England and has been training in Martial Arts for over 40 years. For more information on Sifu Steve Whiteley see Achievements.

Chinese Kung-Fu history covers over four thousand years. At first, in the midst of antiquity, Kung-Fu was simply a very primitive form of combat, but as the centuries went by, numerous generations of its practitioners gradually improved it. They smoothed out the rough spots and polished the techniques, until it emerged as something  definitely superior.  As the years went by, the studies of anatomy, religions and psychology were at times included and Kung-Fu started to advance one more step to a highly scientific and philosophical type of self defence. That was around two or three thousand years ago; around fifteen hundred years ago the traditional Kung Fu systems we know today were introduced and developed at the Shaolin Temples in the Honan Province of China.

Today, at the Whiteley Kung-Fu Institute, there are three main areas of Martial Arts taught; Traditional Kung-Fu, Self Defence and (optional) Semi-Contact Sport Kick Boxing. But what Steve likes to stress most of all is the importance of discipline, realistic self defence methods, self improvement both physically and mentally and the philosophy to better understand the world around you and achieve a rewarding life through being a Martial Artist.


Becoming a member and joining the Club is easy.  You can either contact us and speak to Steve first, or just turn up at our Kwoon (Training hall). There is no initial joining fee and all classes are just £5 pay as you go. We do not operate a direct debit payment system or any street corner canvassing to attract new members.